Helping Your Loved One Transition Back Home With Home Care Services

Comfort Keepers assisted home care service can ease your recovery safely at home

If your loved one has recently undergone a major medical event, transitioning back home could be much easier on them with proper home care services. Additionally, you will have peace of mind knowing they are being well cared for and kept safe.

When transitioning back home from a hospital or rehabilitation facility, it is important your loved one follow all doctor's orders to prevent re-hospitalization. Often, because of the lack of a proper support system and assistance, seniors end up readmitted or recover much more slowly. Assisted home care professionals will work with your loved one to come up with which blend of caregiving services will work to best for them. All of this will depend on a number of factors including your loved one's current physical and mental state and the sort of life they want to lead. The key in this phase of the process is keeping all channels of communication open so that we can provide the best possible home care services right from the start.

Transitioning care is a particular type of assisted home care engineered specifically for individuals recovering from a major medical event. Often, it includes the following:

  • helping your loved one with household activities such as meal preparation, housekeeping and going to the grocery store or running errands
  • personal care assistance including dental hygiene and bathing
  • transportation and taking your loved one to the doctor
  • working with everyone involved in the process, including your loved one's medical team

Our transitioning care also takes into consideration chronic conditions your loved one has and what they were in the hospital or rehabilitation facility for to begin with. Most often, clients require assisted home care to help them transition back home following congestive heart failure, heart attack or pneumonia. This is of course not an exhaustive list. Home care services can be beneficial for anyone that needs a little help staying independent.

Keeping seniors out of the hospital plays a key role in improving quality of life. Prevention is key here, and making sure your loved one transitions back home well will go a long way.

To find out more about how our caregivers can help your loved one during this difficult time, do not hesitate to give us a call at 528-8862.

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