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End of life care and palliative care support offers assistance for families and their loved ones

People rarely think about end of life care. It is not pleasant to think about the end of an individual's life, whether it be our own or that of a loved one. However, the end of one's life should be as comfortable as possible, and at Comfort Keepers Home Care we work with your loved one's medical team to make sure their quality of life is as high as it can possibly be and they are making the most of their time left on this planet.

End of life care is often thought of as care centered on administering medication and providing hygiene assistance. That, however, is simply not the case. Proper end of life care focuses on providing you and your loved one with as much support as possible during this difficult time.

It is important that we say at this point that palliative care and end of life care are not focused on finding a cure for your loved one. This sort of care is for terminally ill individuals and medical professionals will aim to make your loved one as comfortable as possible and experiencing as little pain as possible. The difference between palliative care and end of life care is that the former is for terminally ill people who are not close to death, whereas the latter is for those in living their last days on earth.

Much of home care, in this case, focuses on in home companionship. You may be far away from your loved one and will rest easy knowing they are not alone. A caregiver will listen to your loved one and help them through this difficult time. We are there to help families deal with the grief that terminal illness inevitably brings. But, we can also help with tasks such as organizing personal items and moving belongings.

Terminal illness is difficult, but there is no reason that your loved one should not live with joy. Our caregivers will do all they can to help them find comfort and happiness through compassionate end of life care.

If you would like to find out more about our palliative care and end of life care services, do not hesitate to give us a call at (805) 528-8862.

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